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tirsdag 19. august 2008

A New Discovery and a Party!

Well, first of all I have to tell you that our little caterpillar is still sleeping in the cocoon, and I'm starting to wonder whether it will ever come out :)
I'll hang in there though! I'm not giving up on him just yet!

Then I need to tell you that I discovered a new blog today that went straight to my favs, I LOVE the inspiration! It is Xtina's blog. She's a Norwegian paper scrapper - and pretty good at it too!! Take a look!
This month she is even giving away a Blog Candy! - I'd LOVE to get my hands on this to finally get over my paper barrier *lol* I have thought of trying out some paper scrapping for a LONG time, but I always decide that digi is best ;) Man, I love to resize, recolor, cut and paste and ctrl+z *lol* I really should try it out though!

Doesn't this look yummy?

Did you check out the Birthday Bash Challenges and the Sale over at CatScrap?
Only a short time left now, so don't miss out! CatScrap sales are not happening often! Especially not up to 40% off! :D

Here's the list of sales and challenges, you can still participate!
Today, the Stitch-O-Holic challenge is up :) And all stitches are 40% off! Wohoo!

7 kommentarer:

Stacey sa...

Loving Catscrap...I have found great interest in products there! Scrolled down more for caterpillar story....Dawn Inskip would be proud, lol.

Your designs are amazing...I never miss what's going on in the gallery, lol.

Carolyn sa...

If you want to try paper scrapping you should look into making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). They're SO much fun and you can print out things from your Digi Stash to put on your cards. I started a couple months ago and I am SO addicted. I'm involved in several swaps at any given time and always have lots of fun cards in my mailbox that people are sending me : )

Eve sa...

I will have to check out that blog, thanks for the link!!

Bev sa...

i am like you digi is much easier and it is also cheaper because you can reuse everything plus I was all fingers with paper lol1

Barb sa...

I forgot about the sale at Catscrap ~ wahoo! Thanks Vibeke!

Kristin sa...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today:-) Love your designs!

whatkatiedid sa...

I can't believe I haven't discovered your lovely blog until now! I just bookmarked you so will be back again soon :)

Thanks for the link to Xtina's blog, her work is amazing!