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søndag 23. desember 2007

I've got a secret!

A really great one too! I haven't mentioned it here before, but I've started designing too! And right now, I'm waiting to announce my TWO new kits in a seriously FAB store that I just LOVE! I'm sooo excited to start selling there! I can't actually believe that these really great designers that I admire so much decided to take little me in there!

Do you want to know which shop it is?? :) Well - I can't tell! Not just yet. It will be a super fun surprise at Januray 2nd, so don't worry, you'll have time to get through Christmas and New Year and still catch the sale!! (Hush... did I say SALE??) Yes I did! So you'll want to pay attention here... LOL! :)

What I CAN do is to give you some teeny weeny sneak peeks of my new kits!

Looky here!

First kit:

Second kit:

So do you want to see more? :)

We'll make an announcement at the store blog and of course at DST, so just keep your eyes open!
And I just have to repeat that I'm soooo excited! :)