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søndag 23. desember 2007

I've got a secret!

A really great one too! I haven't mentioned it here before, but I've started designing too! And right now, I'm waiting to announce my TWO new kits in a seriously FAB store that I just LOVE! I'm sooo excited to start selling there! I can't actually believe that these really great designers that I admire so much decided to take little me in there!

Do you want to know which shop it is?? :) Well - I can't tell! Not just yet. It will be a super fun surprise at Januray 2nd, so don't worry, you'll have time to get through Christmas and New Year and still catch the sale!! (Hush... did I say SALE??) Yes I did! So you'll want to pay attention here... LOL! :)

What I CAN do is to give you some teeny weeny sneak peeks of my new kits!

Looky here!

First kit:

Second kit:

So do you want to see more? :)

We'll make an announcement at the store blog and of course at DST, so just keep your eyes open!
And I just have to repeat that I'm soooo excited! :)

fredag 23. november 2007

New CRD blog and new stuff in store!!


Did you see Christina's all new blog??
Authentic Artistry

With a blogchallenge and freebiees!!
And with my name on it as a FULL TIME CT member!!! Yippeeeeee!!!

Be sure to check out all the new gorgeousness in the store too!

I am just totally in love with The Ultimate Art Collection!
If you want to do layouts with lots of layers you gotta have this one!!
All that vintage stuff is soooo yummy!!

torsdag 22. november 2007

2nd place SUAS!

Ok, so it's a little late, I admit that! I'm totally neglecting my blog!

Just want to put it here for the record that I believe it or not
got the 2nd place in the SUAS Advanced class!!!

Here's the official site :)

lørdag 6. oktober 2007

Summary of Toots

Wow... if I was overwhelmed last time, what can I say now? I've been so busy doing my SUAS layouts these last three weeks, and CT layouts, that I have had no time to blog whatsoever! Yeah, CT layouts... 'cause do you know WHAT?? Since last toot post I'm on Holliewood Studios CT, Amy Hutchinson's CT AND: CHRISTINA RENEE's!!

I'm having a reeeally hard time believing all of this myself!

Just take a look at the blinkage!

I'm just overwhelmed! And congrats to all the other awsome girls who made the teams!

fredag 14. september 2007

Discovered DiscTalkRadio!

I've heard it mentioned before of course, but never really took time to check it out, until now. I got a message saying that one of my layouts was mentioned in one of their shows!! That is so cool!! This is the LO:

Honestly, it took me a while to figure out where I could listen to the But when I did - it was really fun! Lots of great product reviews, events mentioned and pointing out many inspiring layouts! I'll sure be back to hear their next show!

lørdag 8. september 2007

Finally a new freebie!

Here are some flowers I made while playing around in PS :)
Download here

tirsdag 21. august 2007


I am just overwhelmed by all the toots I've made the last few days! It's been like walking on clouds, seriously!

First, I make Jennifer Barettes CT, then CT for the entire store!! Whohoo! I also find out that I got a guest spot for September on Metalmamas CT for doing this layout in her DST Birthday Challenge:

And then, last -but certainly not least- I wake up to a message that my "Vanilla Leaves" lo got 1st prize in The Lilypad's first blogchallenge!!! 25 dollars to spend in their awsome shop! Yippee!! I never expected it though, 'cause there were so many layouts I thought was far far better then mine!

Here it is anyway:

And on top of that, catscrap is having a birthday party sale!! Can it get any better? LOL!

onsdag 1. august 2007

Misty Morning

Here's the preview for my second kit! :D

I think I'll give it away at DST's birthday celebration today! Anybody can start a game with a prize! Look here if you want to play: DST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

lørdag 21. juli 2007

Pomegrenade Doodle

I haven't had much time for anything lately,

but finally I have another doodle up :)

Here you go: (Yeayh! I FINALLY figured out how to make the link look nice here!)

It's a pomegrenade (granateple på norsk) :)

Here's a layout I made using this doodle as a brush:

For full credits, see here.

tirsdag 3. juli 2007

Celtic knotwork and swirls

I wasn't really planning to share these for a while, because I wanted to put in some other stuff as well, but Perlevennen at was looking for viking/nordic inspired scrappingstuff, so I thought I'd give her what I have so far.

These are 5 .png files, approx 1000x2000 pixels at 300ppi. Remember, you can easily make them into brushes.

Here's the download link: I still haven't figured out how to integrate these links in the text on the blog...

mandag 2. juli 2007

Dottydoodles - freebie

Hi all,

Here's a doodle I made for my camel layout:

Download here:

You can see them on the layout in my gallery here:


søndag 17. juni 2007

First kit

Hi all :)

I've decided to write in English b/c most Norwegians understand it perfectly, but
sadly not all English speakers have the same take at Norwegian ;)

Maybe something will be in Norwegian from time to time who knows.

Anyway, just wanted to add my very first kit & freebie ever to my blog today.

Here it is:
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Download here:

onsdag 13. juni 2007

Første post :)

Ok, da har jeg fått laget meg en scrappeblogg. Jippi! Får se hva det kan bli til etterhvert :)