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onsdag 13. august 2008

Glimpse from the life...

of a caterpillar! LOL!

Yesterday, when I cut open a cauliflower, this cute little guy came crawling out :)

The kids were so excited! They had never seen one of these before in RL :)
(We've been living in the desert for three years).
I suggested that they take it out and put it on some leaves, but they
wanted to "keep it". *rolleyes* Sooo we found an empty glass of jam
punched some holes in the lid, filled it with cauliflower leaves,
and there was a caterpillar house for ya!
It ate and ate all the day, and this morning we saw that it has spun a cocoon!

We are all waiting for it to come out, and see which kind of butterfly
it will become :)

Will keep you updated!

Oh - and another thing!
Be sure you don't miss the Mystery Designer Contest at DAM Blog! If you have been to my blog now, there's a good chance you'll know who the Mystery Designer is ;)

There's also a new issue of Digital Artist Magazine hot off the press today!

And - I've finally found some time to scrap!! It hasn't been much of that lately! I have been overly busy wrapping up a new collab with Milla Designs :D It will hit the CatScrap store on the 15th for the HUGE Birthday Bash for the 2nd anniversary! You don't want to miss that either. Did I mention major discounts? LOL!

Here's the layout I made last night - I just couldn't stay away from this gorgeous kit!

Here are full credits

And here is a sneak peak at the new magical collab! Enjoy!

8 kommentarer:

Miyuna Designs sa...

Beautiful photo and scrap. I can't wait your new kit it looks wonderful!

Barb sa...

Can't wait to see what you're cooking up, Vibeke! Have a great day!

Flo sa...

Oh, wonderful birthday page, and great photo! I am excited!

Carol R. sa...

What an amazing close-up of the caterpillar! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing what kind of butterfly comes from your adventure. : )

Nathy sa...

awwww vibeke , what an adorable story , and gorgeous photo :O)
I cant wait to see the new collab!
waiting patiently for the sale and to have a crazy shopping spree !
Have a nice day :O)

Len sa...

Wow! That sneak peek sure is teasing! :) I love your layout!!! I'm waiting anxiously for the sale at Catscrap :)

sunflowers sa...

i love your laoyut it is so perfect with this colors and i´ll have a look for your new kit ...

Gina sa...

Thanks for the DAM plug - I've kinda been missing the hype and it's so worth a look.